Support for the coral reef conservation work of our existing Sea Women team in Melanesia, including humanitarian aid to our partner villages. In order to encourage community participation in the marine reserve process, we support our villages with clean water infrastructure, medical aid, and educational materials for local schools.
Your donation will also support the enrollment of new women into our training program.

  • Basic Coral Reef Field guide
  • Malaria Prevention pack – Treated Mosquito Net, Mosquito Coils, insect repellent, Artemisin.
  • School pack – pens, notebooks, textbooks, school bags
  • Basic Kitchen Pack – Pots, frypans, buckets, knives, food coverings, kitchen utensils, water container.
  • Sea Women Reef Monitor Freedive Kit – Mask, snorkel, Fins, Rashvest
  • Mid-range First Aid Pack
  • Sea Women Reef Monitor Underwater camera & GPS combo
  • Small Water tank and collector
  • Comprehensive first aid kit
  • Sea Woman Reef Survey Training (one week)
  • Medium water tank and collector
  • Comprehensive first aid kit and medical supplies for village
  • Sea Woman six-week scuba diving and marine science intensive training on the Great Barrier Reef
  • Uni fees for 3-year undergraduate biology degree at UPNG