To empower women in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands with the training, skills, equipment, and resources they need to take an active role in helping indigenous communities create and manage marine protected areas on their own coral reefs.

The island archipelagos of Melanesia contain marine ecosystems of exceptionally high quality and diversity, including the last great reservoirs of high–biodiversity reef remaining in the Coral Triangle. However, most of this area is remote and rarely visited, and there are currently insufficient marine protected areas to safeguard biodiversity and achieve robust conservation outcomes. 

Combining an ethos of science, gender equity, and sustainability, the Sea Women of Melanesia work with traditional landowners to develop marine reserves that enhance fisheries and biodiversity, while improving the basic quality of life of people in our partner villages through delivery of humanitarian aid.

The SWoM program supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals of Gender Equality, Sustainable Communities, and Life Below Water.