Our mission is to provide practical solutions to increase the number of marine reserves in the Coral Triangle biodiversity hot-spot. We provide Melanesian women with the marine science training and resources they need to take a lead role in supporting grassroots marine conservation work in Papua New Guinea.

The Sea Women of Melanesia help coastal communities establish Locally Managed Marine Areas to support sustainable fisheries and safeguard biodiversity, while simultaneously enhancing the quality of life in our partner villages through humanitarian aid initiatives and education.


All-Female Team: The Sea Women of Melanesia is the first all-female marine conservation organisation in the region. Our Directors are all Indigenous Papua New Guinean women.

Training Programs: Our award-winning training programs empower women across Melanesia with the essential marine science skills they need to drive effective conservation action with local communities. We are not just about reef conservation – we are helping communities and creating female leaders.

Visual Storytelling: Supported by compelling photography and videography, we weave narratives that resonate, inspire, and advocate our mission.

Strategic Locations: Our head office is in the national capital of Port Moresby, and we have regional offices in Alotau (Milne Bay Province) and Kimbe (West New Britain Province), both important hot spots of marine biodiversity in the Coral Triangle. We are at the heart of the very coral reef ecosystems we are committed to protecting.

Sea Women of Melanesia support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and are committed to building a more sustainable and equitable future.

We have a primary focus on Life Below Water, but we are also making contributions to various other areas such as Quality Education, Gender Equality, Decent Work & Economic Growth, Sustainable Cities & Communities, and Climate Action.