Our marine conservation work centers around helping coastal communities create their own Locally Managed Marine Areas that support sustainable fisheries, enhance biodiversity, and provide ecotourism assets. The Sea Women of Melanesia work in an advisory role, assisting the community in identifying the best areas for their LMMA, surveying fish stocks, and coral health, and helping with the preparation and submission of LMMA Management Plans to the Provincial Government.

We also raise funds to provide humanitarian aid to the community in the form of medical supplies, clean water infrastructure, sustainable period products for women, and educational materials for local schools.

Reef Assessment Surveys

Choosing the correct location for a Locally Managed Marine Area requires accurate information on the fish stocks and coral composition within the reef area owned by the community, as well as an understanding of the major fishing areas, the target species of fish, and the main fishing gears used by the local fisher-people.

The Sea Women of Melanesia can make these assessments for the community and they work cooperatively with the LMMA management committee to identify marine reserve areas that have the greatest chance of delivering maximum benefit for all members of the community.

Community LMMA Development

The Sea Women of Melanesia assists community leaders and the LMMA management committee to determine the best location of the marine reserve area and collect GPS data on the precise boundaries.

We also assist with the development of the LMMA Management Plan and help prepare the LMMA submission to the Provincial Government for ratification.

Humanitarian Aid

The Sea Women of Melanesia support the health and well-being of people in our partner communities through the provision of humanitarian aid such as first aid clinics, medical supplies, portable rainwater tanks, and educational materials for local schools.

Through our partnerships with Solutions 4 Health and Days for Girls Australia, we are also able to supply medicinal Oil of Oregano to the community and sustainable period products to the women.