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Nua Marine Reserve Network

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What we do

This is our longest running marine protected area initiative, started by the original Sea Woman of Melanesia, Lorie Pipiga, in 2017. Five communities along this spectacular coast have committed reef to the Nua LMMA network, and there is a wide range of reef habitats in the reserve areas, from sheltered bays with corals living side by side with seagrass and mangroves, through to the awesome drop-offs and points of Lalai reef which extend into the rich waters of the Sanaroa channel. This area is an outstanding example of tropical marine and terrestrial biodiversity, with endemic birds of paradise found in the rainforest that cloaks the 2km high strato-volcanoes on adjacent Ferguson Island. Lorie and her team are building the first Sea Women of Melanesia safe house and training facility at Sebutuia Bay, thanks to a generous donation from the Hughes Charitable Foundation.

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